Pullup Workout


Discover How Pull-up Exercises Are the

Ultimate Workout without Weights

and Gain Muscle Fast

An Olympic Gymnast Reveals the 5 Secrets of

How To Do A Pull Up to Develop

The Ultimate Chain of Strength


Build Awesome Workout Strength and a

V-Shaped Back Fast

With This Pull-Up Strength Training Course


Pull-ups are one of the best strength training exercises you can do for upper-body strength & muscle mass. Both pull-ups & Chin-ups force you to lift your own body-weight.

If you long for phenomenal upper body strength, mass, and that sex appealing v-tapered back, pull-ups and chin-ups are without a doubt the best training exercises you do to develop your upper body. In a short time, pull-ups will completely transform your body and strength.



This Pull Up Workout and Strength Training Program Will Dramatically

Increase Your Pull-Up Strength

Even If You Can’t Do A Single One Or If You’re A Seasoned Athlete



Pull-ups are the ultimate test of upper body strength and now you’ll learn the secrets to developing the ultimate chain of strength. For many, doing a single pull up is often one of the most difficult exercises and they can even humble even some of the most seasoned athletes. Now you’ll know how how to do pull-ups like a world-class champion.




Pull-Up Workouts Are One Of The Best Overall

Muscle And Strength Training Accelerators


Pull-up workout training builds muscle mass quickly because they force you to lift your own body weight and target every major muscle group of your upper body. Lifting your own body weight stresses your body and quickly builds the muscles of your arms & back which is stunningly effective for MMA combat training, rock climbing or any sport which involves gripping, grappling & pulling.

Lifting your own body weight develops ultimate functional strength quickly because it is a multi-joint exercises that involves multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

In just 1 pull-up, you’re strengthening your

  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Forearms
  • Fingers
  • Core – yes, even your abdominal muscles are given a fantastic workout due to the stabilization needed through its entire region.

Not only will your strength in these muscles increase dramatically from pull-ups, but your upper body will become bigger and more defined. Pull-ups will help you improve your performance in other exercises and sports.

You Can Build Ultimate Strength Any Time – Any Where

You don’t need any expensive equipment to do them, a gym membership, or any heavy machine equipment. You can do them just about anywhere from the comfort of your own home to on the road while traveling. Pull-ups chin-ups are one of the best exercises to increase upper body strength and they’re also extremely inexpensive to do.


Listen up Girls – Pull ups aren’t just for men!


Girls, pull ups not only give you beautiful back, but tone and firm your arms quickly while giving you that coveted sexy v-shape back that turns heads and is immediately noticeable no matter what you’re wearing.

Pull ups can be humiliatingly difficult even for men many times. That’s why you quite often see pull up stations at gyms quite often devoid of activity. Who wants to show how few pull ups they can actually do on full display to everybody?

Now, say good bye to humiliating defeat. In The 5 Secrets to Developing The Ultimate Chain of Strength Pull Up Strength Training course, we reveal the exact tools and tips that will help you create powerful synergy right from the very beginning that’ll have you performing pull ups with the power of a gymnastic champion because you’ll be engaging all the right muscles at the right time.

Strength training is not just about brawn and muscle size. Strength training is a skill and also all about knowing exactly what to do when. Creating the synergy of mind and body working together creates real power and almost immediate strength.

Ladies, we bet you’ll be able to give the man in your life some serious competition in the pull up department just with the arm strength tips we reveal. You may even be able to easily trounce him right off the bar.


Here’s Why This Is A Must Have Pull-Up

Strength Training Course For You!


Not only will you discover how to do pull-ups and chin-ups with proper technique to develop the ultimate chain of strength, but we’ll reveal the secrets that help keep you injury-free year round. Doing pull ups the wrong way by yanking, pulling, and kicking your legs is encouraging injuries – injuries that may put you out of commission for a long time while taking months to heal.

You’ll see a lot of free advice suggesting that different kinds of momentum pull ups will have you doing pull ups in no time flat. Yeah, flat on your back with injury.

When you want medical advice, you go to a medical professional. When you want to know how to do pull ups – get your training advice from coaches who walk their talk.

Who Are We And Why Are We Qualified To

Give You The Ultimate Pull-Up Strength Training?


Cees de Kok is a Dutch National Gymnastics Champion and has competed in European and World Championships and the Olympics. He became and entertainer and created one of the world’s most extraordinary specialty acts, one that requires immense strength and coordination.

He performs nightly now in Las Vegas in a major show where he wildly flies over the audience only suspended by one arm and then swoops down to snatch his wife from the stage with the other. Still suspended by one arm and with no harnesses, they demonstrate some of the most breathtaking acrobatics in mid-air you will ever see. This Las Vegas phenom-aerialist performs year round injury-free as he practices what he preaches in this pull up workout strength training course.

Garin Bader is the creator to CoreForce Energy, the unique super strength training system and mental focus peak performance accelerant that supercharges all your vast resources to work together synergistically to finally harness that elusive 95% of both brain and muscular power that is buried within you – regardless of your athletic abilities, gender, or age. Many have even doubled and tripled those attributes effortlessly.

He’s also an internationally acclaimed award-winning concert pianist and master magician, as well as a martial artist, sculptor, painter, and author. His diverse background has given him unique insights into how all these skills interrelate and he reveals these secrets in his extraordinary CoreForce Energy DVD strength training system, seminars, and private coaching sessions.

Here’s What You’re going to Get:

5 Secrets to Building The Chain of Pull Up Strength

We break up the actual pull-up in to five separate and powerful components that will help you develop the ultimate chain of strength for your pull up workouts.

1. ) Grip Strength

The way you grip a bar can create too much tension and make you weaker. We’re going to show you some awesome never before secrets on hand grip training exercises

2. ) Shoulder/Back Synergy & Isolation

We’ll who you exactly how to create the fantastic synergy between these 2 powerful muscle groups that will propel your pull up strength to new levels. You’ll understand how if you don’t activate this synergy, you’re your strength will never be optimally engaged.

3.) Optimal Arm Training

Arm isolation is very important but is only one ingredient to the chain of strength. We’re giving you the exact exercises that’ll give you the best functional strength with many unique variations that’ll help keep you injury free.

4.) Isolation Exercises – to Create Chain of Strength

Engaging the right order in the chain of strength is paramount for ultimate pull up strength. We dissect each section to make sure that every weak link is infused with maximum power. Then, we put everything back together in the right order to create that ultimate chain of strength.

5.) Mind Set/Putting it All Together

Knowing how to use your energy with mind set gives you total domination over your body. You’ll discover the mind set techniques of two international champions who give you their prize secrets to achieving unstoppable mental focus and peak performance techniques.


This Pull Up Workout and Strength Training Course is Jam-packed

with Loads of Pull Up Workout and Strength Training Information…


In fact, there’s 3.5+ hours of amazing material and insight on 4 dvds to help you develop every aspect of chin up and pull up strength.

Here’s just a sample of the loads of information given on DVD #1 for developing powerful Grip Strength:

  • Why your grip is one of your weakest links or strongest assets and can severely diminish your pull up strength
  • What can make your grip stronger immediately?
  • Should you train with underhand grip or overhand grip first?
  • Should You Put Your Thumbs Over the Bar or Under the Bar?
  • Powerful Hand and Finger Exercises You Can Do Anywhere that will develop not only powerful grip strength but power all the way down to the finger tips
  • How to Develop Individual Finger Strength – with a Lat Pull Down Machine – invaluable strength for rock climbers and MMA fighters
  • Unique Dumbbell Fingertip Curls – how to train your fingers all the way down to the fingernails with functional strength
  • Developing Flexible Wrists and Fingers for Ultimate Arm Strength – mastering this will put you far above your competitors
  • Reverse Wrist Curl Variations that will develop both flexible wrist strength and fingertip strength down to the fingernails
  • Rotating Barbell Fingertip Grip Exercise
  • Rolling fingers exercises
  • Underhand and overhand assisted grips
  • When to Do Hanging Grip Isometrics for Time
  • Bouncing Hanging Grip Exercise for developing raw functional strength
  • Garin demonstrates applying the CoreForce Energy superhuman strength Grip
  • The Reason Why You Should Use The Rope Loop and Hand Grips
  • When to Use Hand Grips and What Kind? Explaining the Rope Hand Loop/Spanish Web Hand Loop/Homemade rope hand loop/Steel Shank Hand Grip

This is just a small sample of what you’ll be getting and

this is only DVD #1 out of 4!

But That’s Not All!

Look. we really want you to get your hands on this ultimate pull up workout and strength training dvd course because we know it gives you all the tools you need to develop tremendous pull up strength in record breaking time.

The easiest way we know to get you to go ahead with a “yes” decision today is by making the value of what we give far greater than the investment we ask. So what we’ve done is even taken the extra time and created even more bonus footage on the best stretching exercises to maximize your pull up workout recovery.

We’ve created a special bonus member area where you can view these as well as download your pull up workout schedules and plans.


  • 15+ Minutes of Specialize Stretching for Maximizing Recovery
  • Downloadable Pull Up Workout Schedules and Plans

You’ll Develop Full Functional Strength Fast With

These Powerful Pull Up Chain Of Strength Secrets

Think about the phenomenal full functional strength, endurance and flexibility of apes and monkeys. They do every variation of pull-ups and then some that you can imagine. Yes, they can make us laugh with their silly antics. But, it no wonder they’re in far better shape than human beings. Talk about full functional strength training!

Take a look at monkeys and apes in the wild. Apes are in far better shape than human beings without a doubt. They have fantastic endurance and flexibility, and possess superior strength. Think about this…What exercises that we do resemble what these primates do most? You’re right! Pull ups and chin ups!!!

If pull ups were one of the only exercises you ever did like your distant cousins, just think about what an amazing physique and strength you’d develop.

Now, if you to get super strength fast and want a wider v-tapered back fast, we have created the ultimate pull-up strength training Course for you

Why You Risk Absolutely Nothing

We’re so positive this will work for you that we’re willing to make the following guarantee…

If you don’t feel you’ve learned how to create powerful pull up strength with this comprehensive DVD course, or if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, then simply contact us and we’ll return your entire payment to you.

When you put all this together, you can see how it would be easy for us to ask $197+. But we like to over-deliver. It’s good for our reputations. So, that’s why we’ve decided to keep it at $57.00 for our special introductory offer. But this is Not going to last long for this introductory offer.

Here Is Your Chance to Literally Be Doing Pull Ups

Like an Olympic Gymnastic Champion Practically Overnight

As you can see, each one of the secrets we reveal in this course could be a separate product. But, we’re not only giving you a full 4 DVD’s, but you’ll get access to special VIP bonus material such as stretching videos and other goodies by signing up to a VIP members area right after you purchase.


So Get It Now!

What have you got to lose? Nothing but the humiliation of not being able to do more than one pull up or more than 20, that’s what! And with my risk-free guarantee, it’s a real no-brainer. So order now while it’s hot on your mind

YES, Cees and GarinPlease Send Me Your“The Ultimate Pull Up Workout & Training” Course Now!I Want To Order This Immediately BeforeThe Price Goes Up!



I understand I’m ordering the entire Pull Up Workout & Training course for a tiny one-time payment of just $57 when I act now!

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Only $57!

Pay Now And Get The Full

“The Ultimate Pull Up Workout & Training” course and Generous Bonuses including free membership area
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100% secure servers

To Your Pull Up Workout and Strength,

Cees de Kok and Garin Bader

P.S. You have absolutely nothing to lose because of our 30 day money back guarantee. And when you consider that we have thrown in additional stretching bonuses and downloadable pull up workout plans, this should be a real no-brainer! So get it now while it’s still fresh on your mind!

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