How do pull-ups double your strength quickly?

Pull-up workouts can double your muscular strength quickly because they are one of the most difficult exercises there is. Pull-up workouts require you to lift your full body weight and that’s one of the very reasons why people shy away from them. If you know the 5 Secrets to Pull-up Workout Strength Training, you won’t ever shy away from them again – and you’ll learn to double your strength in half the time!

So many people would rather spend a lot more time in the gym doing loads of isolation exercises rather than doing a few sets of Pull-ups which would give them–in many cases, a far superior workout in a shorter time. Does that make any sense?

Pull-ups are portable, the ultimate bodyweight exercise, and you can do them just about anywhere. I’m on concert tour right now and I go into the hotel stairwells which then become my “gym” for doing pull-ups in all kinds of variations that are taught in our brand spanking new course Pull-Up Workout Strength Training.

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To your strength and mastery,
Garin & Cees

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